Friday, November 8, 2013

A Visit To Krause Berry Farm & Estate Winery

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure to meet Alf & Sandee from Krause's Farms. They took the time to meet with us  a group of new entrepreneurs wanting to learn more about how to succeed in our business ventures. We were greeted in their new wine tasting room with coffee, tea & friendly smiles from all the staff.

Alf & Sandee took turns telling us how they went from a 1 acre farm in 1974  to a now thriving 200+ acres. One of the things that stood out the most to me during our visit was that they were solid about who they were as a business and implement that in all that they do. Every decision they make for the business has to stand in line with their values and vision statement right from how they grow their plants, what they will produce for sale in their market & bakery,  to the signage, the recipes, gifts for purchase, involvement of staff with customers and now how they produce and serve their wine in their new Estate Winery. 

 It has become a destination place for many and as told by Alf & Sandee, they have families that come out weekly with their children to enjoy all that is offered at The Farm.
I won't go into too much detail as their website says it all. You can find it from this link.

A great cornucopia display of the abundant fall harvest!

Upon arriving inside the Market & Bakery you are tempted to sample some of the goods. After tasting it would be hard to leave without bringing some home!

They also have a fudge bar to tempt you!

The Estate Winery Tasting Room was crowned with a tin ceiling so they found a way to make a crown for the ceiling in the bakery. Alf spent many hours figuring out how to make all these pie plates fit. Very creative!

Alf & Sandee brought us on a tour of the place and explained how they implemented their visions & values in every detail of their business. They can be seen often talking to customers to keep the personal touch to what has become a very large business. 

All the preserves are made from fruit off their farm.

The kitchen is very visible for all to see. They installed a phone on the outside of the room so you can call and ask any questions about what they are doing. They tell you what they are making in the moment, how many pies a day, any questions you may have about production can be answered. You may not get their recipes but they will let you know what goes into it. Much love!

The pies look wonderful! You can pre-order them and they are kept in a pie-safe until you leave.

Almost all the property is put to use. The Porch hosts a waffle breakfast Wednesday - Sunday 9-3.

 The latest addition to the farm is The Estate Winery. They put great effort into getting all the details just right in here. The welcome sign is made from horseshoes. Our server for tastings was Ted and he adds much to the experience.

Saddle barstools, pendant lights made from bottles, spittoons for excess wine.

They worked with an artist to create these boots. All aspects of the farm are depicted on them.
Check out the process and see them in more detail here

Wine Tasting Room

Keeping the theme going, they offer their wine tasting in a boot glass. Wine glasses are available as well for the connoisseurs. 

Upon entering the wine making room, you will notice the handle is a riffle.
Details, details, details!!!

Ted explained step by step the process of making wine from fruit.

Each of these crates are filled with fruit being prepared for wine.

It is worth the tour to hear the whole process by an expert. I won't try and repeat as I am sure to get it wrong. 
They also have a cooking school now that is held in this room. Everything is cleared and tables brought in. At this point it is now The Farmers Table Cooking School with Wolfgang. Check the schedule for classes here.

The Wine Maker showing us the fruit.

Ted kept our attention throughout the tour!

They crafted the chandelier with a trough and a creative way to let the light out. Can you guess how they did it? They had fun in their fields that day!

This is our group with Sandee & Alf in the centre. 
Thank you for the tour Sandee & Alf and thanks to Laura Addinall for arranging it!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chairs for Charity

Last week I had the pleasure of attending The Passionate Home's Chairs for Charity. 
 All proceeds from this event goes to The Langley Christmas Bureau. This was their 3rd year holding this event and it is continuing to grow in popularity. The house was packed with locals ready to bid on their favourite chairs. People were able to come into the store to see them before hand or view them on Facebook. Local photographer Steve Hayak took photos and was very creative in captivating the essence of each chair. Make sure to check his photos out on The Passionate Home Facebook Page. 
By the end of the 
evening they raised $4070 by auctioning chairs that were created & donated by local businesses. 
Here are a few highlights of the night.

The 22 chairs were given amazing new looks by the creative talents of the people who were inspired to participate in this auction.
This year, people came ready to purchase and there were no hesitations in beginning the bids. 

Chairs by Stimuli Magazine, The Nostalgic Nest & Jentiques

Chair by Janice Miller

Chairs by Rosemary Wallace, Simply Inspired Design & Elinor Hanschke

Chairs by Frostings Cupcakery, Jamie Smith & Cathy Empey

Chairs donated by B&R Laundry & Stimuli Magazine

Chair by White Giraffe Events

Chair by Rare Finds

Lauren from Frostings Cupcakery serving delicious treats! 

This chair was created using Annie Sloan paint & upholstery fabric. It was then autographed by her. For Annie Sloan enthusiasts this was a prized chair! Congratulations Carolyn!

I have a few favourite people in my world and these are two of them, my daughter Lauren and my friend Nikki from McBurney Junction Furniture & Interiors. Aren't they cute!!!

Chair by Cathy Empey

This was my favourite! It represents The Day of the Dead Celebration which is an annual event in Mexico. Created by Jessica Fairs

Carrie owner of The Passionate Home ( in red)  the mastermind behind this event!
She is one of the most giving souls I know!

Maryanne Leichter from Stimuli Magazine.

Chair by Fabric Therapy

Chair by Second Chance Furnishings

Beautiful smile Carolyn! (Staff at The Passionate Home)

Treats from Frostings Cupcakery

Chair by Janice Miller

The Lovely Elinor (Staff at The Passionate Home)

Melanie from Frostings Cupcakery and Sonya from Forever Yours Lingerie out to support the event.

The girls working very hard taking in all the proceeds!
Last year $2800 was raised so that makes an increase of $1270. Way to go Langley! The families that will benefit from the Langley Christmas Bureau will be blessed by your acts of kindness.

The following people are those who contributed to make this evening a success!

Carrie Thachuk
Elinor Hanschke and Canucks
Carolyn Forsythe
Cathy Empey
Stimuli Magazine - Maryanne Leichter
Frostings Cupcakery - Melanie & Lauren
Jamie Smith
Janice Miller
Rosemary Wallace
BR Laundry
Nostalgic Nest
Second Chance Furnishings
Fabric Therapy
Jessica Fairs
4 Love of Wood
Rare Finds
The Nuefelds
Annie Sloan
Once Again Upholster - Reid Armstrong
Steve Hayek - Photographer
Jim Marsh - Cam-Am Auctions
All family members of the Thachuk family
Everyone who attended