Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Elements of The Man Cave

Ok, so I am not a man, nor do I fully get the "mancave" concept but it seems to have become a necessity in todays homes. 
I can't watch a real estate show where the husband doesn't say, "Where's my man cave?"
In the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus the author John Gray states,

"When men's tolerance to stressful situations is exceeded, they withdraw temporarily, "retreating into their cave", so to speak. Often, they literally retreat: for example, to the garage, or to go spend time with friends. In their "caves", men are not necessarily focussed on the problem at hand; the "time-out" lets them distance themselves from the problem and relax, allowing them to re-examine the problem later with a fresh perspective.
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Gray holds that retreating into the cave has historically been hard for women to understand, because when they become unduly stressed, their natural reaction is to talk with someone close about it (even if talking doesn't provide a solution to the problem at hand). That leads to a natural dynamic where the man retreats as the woman tries to grow closer, which becomes a major source of conflict between them."

So this blog is dedicated to the man cave, to men's natural tendency to retreat. 
This also help me to understand why I don't get the concept, I am a woman!

Elements Needed In A Mancave

Somewhere they can pull the cigars out and enjoy
A bar
Leather seating
A television bigger than all their friends televisions
Often some sort of tackiness just to keep us women out 

Dare we enter???

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The Vintage Mancave

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The Modern Mancave

So there you have it, the mancave! I guess we have ours as well but as far as I know, we haven't named it the woman cave.
Do you have one?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Beauty of Contrast

One of my favourite looks in design is a combination of white & black or charcoal with warm rich woods! 
This room is very dramatic with its dark walls and white sofa and chairs. The warmth of the wood, the sisal rug and stools create a perfect blend. 
Great artwork too!
Source Unknown :(  Really sad as it is a beauty and credit should be given!

Ohhhh...there is so much I love about this room!
The brick, the doors, the art on the chalkboard, the concrete flooring, the table and chairs. All together yummy!!!
This room is more subtle than the others. Still has all the element but may be easier for the not so brave.

The same scheme can be implemented in your tableware.
An otherwise simple room has dramatic impact with the black & white zig zag area rug.


I will end it with a view of a room I would love to have for my guests. 
Have a great day!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Elements Of A Perfect Reading Room


September has made it's presence known with thunder, lighting and dark skies. This time of year makes me want to settle into a comfy chair, wrapped in my Mémé's quilt, steamy chai tea and a great novel.
This posting is about what my perfect reading room would look like. 
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It has to have a window preferably with a great view!

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 Bookcases have to be styled neatly with some interesting pieces I have collected over the years displayed here and there.

Me and My Bentley Tumber

Maybe a secret door so I can hide away on those days I need some alone time!

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 On a warm fall day, it would be set up in a park, a back yard or near a riverbed.

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How relaxing this room would be to read in. I can almost hear the waves!

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Simply lovely! Who could resist the temptation to settle in here?

  In my dream world, my reading room would be in Paris, only this time sipping a thick, rich, dark espresso, with some lovely french pastries!

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 What would your perfect reading room look like? If the book is great, does the room really matter?
 I have just pulled out a couple books that I have had for quite some time and yet didn't read,
Julie & Julia and Eat Pray Love.
What are you reading right now?