Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Beauty of Patterned Sofas

For quite some time now I have been hoping to walk into a store and see a patterned sofa.
I remember our first custom sofa, sea foam green with dusty rose flowers. I know, I know, I am dating myself! We were so excited about it and I remember a designer tried to talk us out of it and persuade us to purchase a white one. I loved that sea foam green floral for years! Eventually it was replaced with a beige sofa, then a green sofa and now a sandy cream sectional. All very safe choices! 

Source: Tobi Fairley

As in all trends, we revisit styles time and time again but it has been awhile since we have seen big bold patterns on sofas. 

Source: Design*Sponge
I would love to have a client brave enough to include a white sofa with large brightly coloured flowers on it like this one. How happy would you be in this room from Design * Sponge? 

The Blanche sofa from Bruehl

The Blanche Sofa is a statement piece and yet not over the top. 
It is stunning with the small print wallpaper!


I love the drama of this room. The black & white rug draws your eye right to the black paisley in the sofa. From there you are drawn to the art work with a blend of all the tones in the sofa.
 Great pattern play Design * Sponge!

For those of you who are not quite so brave,
 here is a lovely subtle pattern on the Elinor Sofa from Hickory Chair. 
This photo taken from House & Home.

So where do you stand? Are you brave enough to add a patterned sofa to your design scheme? 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Arts Alive Festival Downtown Langley

Every summer downtown Langley hosts a festival called Arts Alive. This year was great once again!
It is amazing how many local artist we have that we would otherwise never meet. This year I found a couple of artists that I loved.
Here are a few shots of the day!

Upon arrival there was music heard throughout the street!

It was a very good turnout this year!
They had a section just for kids and kids at heart!
This is a new artist I met, Cherlandra Estrada. Her art was bright, colourful and eyecatching!

Tree of Life

Fabric Sculptures by Lise

Carrie from The Passionate Home demonstrating Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

I loved the basket weaving by Lynn Kusack from Mason Heights Pottery & Basketry!

The day was finished at Ignite Cafe on 204th Street with some Cypress wine, appetizer and delicious steak.
Always a great meal to savour here!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

About Me
I am a lover of all things beautiful!
Passionate about people, style and design.

I have always been the creative type.
I was a hairstylist for years, worked in the clothing industry and then in interior decorating.

Creative types see the world differently and get their inspirations at times from things that other people may bypass.

This blog is about those inspirations. It is mostly about decorating but as I find treasures it could lead onto many different paths, be it great recipes waiting to be prepared, wines that awaken taste buds or people who captivate me and make me see life a little differently.
So come along on this journey and let's Behold The Beauty in life!

The Village of Finn Slough Steveston BC
When looking for new inspiration in interior design, one must look outside the conventional places.

Recently, my sister and I discovered The Village of Finn Slough. 

What a treasure it was!

 I loved the bicycle on the peak!

One of the things that stopped me with this village is that people live there.

rock salt
What many would pass up as a deserted village is thriving with people who have found a much simpler form of living that most. 

It was a very tranquil space and residents used found treasures to make their homes special.

It was hard to tell what came first, the truck or the bushes.
They were so intertwined, nature and metal became one! 

Everything blended into the greenery!

In this setting, even the chopped wood was art!

If one wanted to retreat from the world, this certainly would be the place.

Further down there is an inlet. It made me wonder if these were all houseboats at one time.

Not for everyone but certainly inspired me to a simpler way of living!

Here are a few more photos that give a really good glimpse into Finn Slough!

Have a great day!