Saturday, September 7, 2013

Elements Of A Perfect Reading Room


September has made it's presence known with thunder, lighting and dark skies. This time of year makes me want to settle into a comfy chair, wrapped in my Mémé's quilt, steamy chai tea and a great novel.
This posting is about what my perfect reading room would look like. 
 Via Home Trends Design
It has to have a window preferably with a great view!

Via BilVil Architecture

 Bookcases have to be styled neatly with some interesting pieces I have collected over the years displayed here and there.

Me and My Bentley Tumber

Maybe a secret door so I can hide away on those days I need some alone time!

Via Pinterest
 On a warm fall day, it would be set up in a park, a back yard or near a riverbed.

Via Pinterest
How relaxing this room would be to read in. I can almost hear the waves!

Via Pinterest
Simply lovely! Who could resist the temptation to settle in here?

  In my dream world, my reading room would be in Paris, only this time sipping a thick, rich, dark espresso, with some lovely french pastries!

Via Flickriver
 What would your perfect reading room look like? If the book is great, does the room really matter?
 I have just pulled out a couple books that I have had for quite some time and yet didn't read,
Julie & Julia and Eat Pray Love.
What are you reading right now?

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